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About Ken

My entire life has been about connecting dreams and actions. I’ve always been interested in either getting clarity for myself and others about what do I really want, or making action steps and enrolling others into making it happen. I’ve ended up putting these together by connecting dreamers to desired outcome and accomplishers to their hidden desires.

From childhood, I’ve always been the type to rally the troops to agree upon a goal and then motivating them to make it happen. At age 13, I organized over 25 different teen dance organizations over six states to coordinate events and share information, which resulted in my being the guest speaker to a regional dance organization in front of 300 people at age 15. Through writing in journals, networking, and planning I increased attendance at dance events all over New England. That’s where I learned about motivating others and getting things done.

From helping authors improve their books, to instructing people on how to use software better, I developed the knack for listening to people about what their real goals are, and then help them see tangible steps to take to make it happen. I’ve found that both steps are equally important, as dreams without actions go nowhere, and actions without dreams can many times get you into places you don’t want to be!

For the last 10 years I’ve specialized in helping clients in their career development by connecting their spirit and passions to action steps that result in happiness. Sometimes it’s guiding someone who doesn’t know what they want. Other times, it’s doing the “dream archaeology” to uncover what passions people really have. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Whatever it is, it’s a joyful ride in the co-pilot’s seat to help people get where they’re going.

I have a passion for connecting with people and getting them to see their true value, and then showing them ways to make it happen. In a personal setting, it tends to be more of the former; in a business setting, it tends to be more of the later. Whichever setting, I never know what will be presented to me, and that makes the work a joy.

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