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New Google Hangout Series Starting Tomorrow, 9 October 2013

google_hangout_logoWith the new website, and new options that I have, I’m looking for different ways to interact with people, and I’m starting my new Google Hangout Video Series with one tomorrow, October 9th, 2013, from 8:30-9:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  The topic will be “Starting the New Season“.  Here in Boston, the academic year (and the hundreds of thousands of students) comes over us like a tidal wave every September.  With the weather getting cooler, the fall foliage starting, the new shows coming on TV, etc., it really feels like the start of a new year (and for my Jewish friends, it is!)

This Hangout will be an opportunity to discuss what it is you’re looking forward to, and discuss how these choices serve you, and additionally what you’re going to do to make it happen? Is this the year to make a career change?  Go back and get further training?  Start that exercise program?  Commit to doing more yoga?  Just try not to kill your co-worker if he tells the same stupid joke again?  Whatever it is, there will be a time for us to talk about it.

There are 10 slots of people to participate live (on a first come first served basis). After that, other may be on the call in “observation” mode, i.e. you can listen in but not participate.  To make sure you get a slot, go over to the Spirit-Work Connection Google Plus Community, and become a member.  The Hangout will be alerted to the start of the Hangout when I open it up (probably a little bit before 8:30). I look forward to seeing you there!

I’m also searching for a good name for this series.  If you have a good suggestion, leave a comment below!

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