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5 Criteria for Identifying Target Organizations

Note: This is the second of six blog posts detailing the developmental needs that will be addressed in the Resonare ...
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Are You the Hero of Your Own Story?

In a past post, I talked about ways to tell stories and I used the analogy of a fairy tale ...
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Authenticity and Consistency: The Only Way Out

I’m so happy that the 2020’s have now become reality. If you are like me (and many people I know), ...
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What Are Your Biggest Career Concerns?

This past month, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a guest participant for the Career Calling Summit, organized ...
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Only You Can Identify Success

When a client comes to me, often that first thing that they want me to help with is to fix ...
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You’ve Been Laid Off. Congratulations!

Often in my career, I have had clients come to me stating that they had just been laid off. Whenever ...
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New Google Hangout Series Starting Tomorrow, 9 October 2013

With the new website, and new options that I have, I'm looking for different ways to interact with people, and ...
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Test vs. Assessment or What Kind of Sandwich are You?

After I got out of high school, I took a year off to figure out what I was going to ...
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A New Day for

It's been a long time coming, but this is the day!  As comes the time in most organizations, there's a ...
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Finding Your Voice Again

It's been a hard Spring. As maybe some of you have noticed, I haven't been blogging much in the past ...
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