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The work I did with Ken not only set me up for one of my greatest professional accomplishments to date—acceptance to a highly competitive MFA program at a leading film school—but gave me the tools to start thinking about my entire life in a new way. I’m very grateful that I found him and worked with him.

Tim, Filmmaker
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Several times over the past few years I have sought Ken Mattsson’s Career expertise in regards to marketing my sitcom script and other writings. Each time I walked away with the critical tools that were relevant in the current marketplace. Those tools have been instrumental in getting my work seen by the decision makers in the industry. His knowledge and insight into the creative fields is exceptional and his genuine enthusiasm to see his client’s succeeding makes Ken such a pleasure to work with.

Mary Beth, Sitcom Writer
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Thanks very much for your help in these past months. Your support kept me from losing sight of my goal. I am particularly grateful for your step-by-step plan of attack and your perspective on informational interviewing.

Your help in those last stages of the negotiation was incredibly valuable. Your walking me through all the elements of the conversation really helped me organize my thoughts and gave me the effortless confidence I needed. (With your encouragement, I even asked for three weeks vacation to start… and I got it!)

Jane, Editor
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Ken combines attentive listening, empathy, market savvy, and irrepressibly positive thinking into a resolute and resounding commitment to your career development. He believes your best next job is possible, so that you can too.

Lynn, Business Analyst
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After only a short while working with Ken, I came to understand what was common among all of the very different jobs that I had enjoyed, and what was missing from those that I found stiffening. It was the big picture! When I realized that I need a job that requires me to work with the broad ranging ideas and implications, and that I would be stifled by a job that had a narrow focus, I got my confidence and drive back, and found my direction. My time with Ken was very productive.

Mike, Training Manager
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After the Playing To Your Strengths workshop I decided to practice what I had learned from Ken. I streamlined my resume to list only the skills required by the position I was applying for. I listed four past positions under work experience describing my responsibilities to four former employers. My work history listed was directly applicable to the position I applied for. My cover letter included a fifth anecdote relevant to the work skillset in the job description.

I faxed off my resume with its cover letter on Thursday, the next morning. Thursday afternoon my phone rang. Human Resources had reviewed my information and wanted me to speak to the position’s hiring manager. The manager’s first question was “When can you come in to talk to me?” Friday morning, I interviewed for the position, and then was invited to meet the entire laboratory group for lunch. When I returned from lunch to thank the hiring manager for the opportunity to interview, he immediately extended his hand to say: “You’re hired. You start Monday morning at 8 AM.”

Ann, Scientist
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When I was laid off and had to find a way to pull myself together for the job search task ahead, I recognized pretty quick that I was going to need help! Working with Ken turned out to be just about exactly the help I needed: he seemed to be a Man with a Plan, able to draw upon a goodly amount of experience and to talk about it in ways that mattered, and that stuck with me. He encouraged me to push farther than I otherwise would have in terms of reaching out to people and in extending my field of vision for possible opportunities, and his process (can’t quite call it patented, but he does have quite concrete thinking on this matter) for the job search showed me the light (hallelujah) on the importance of really establishing a network of professional relationships, and how to act on that.

Ken helps with the bigger picture of keeping more pro-active career plans and directions in mind, even as I now enter into the particulars of the new position I did find, with his help. A valuable counselor, Ken brings an energized level of attention to your situation, challenging you to look at it realistically as well as positively, with a results-oriented approach.

—  William, Technology Project Manager
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I started working with Ken because I wanted to take my career in a new direction. Although this was a change that I had wanted to make for a long time, I was overwhelmed by the uncertainties of switching into a new field–so much so that when we sat down for our first meeting I said: “I want do so something different but I have no idea what.” Ken helped me discover for myself what I wanted to do next, and also helped me see how I already possessed much of the skills and experience I needed to get where I wanted to go. In addition to having a great method for career counseling, Ken is also warm and empathetic about how scary it can be to make changes in your life.

—  Stacey, Training Specialist

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