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Drive the Dark Night Away

20111222-082305.jpgIt is the morning of Thursday, December 22nd, and the sun has come up after the longest night of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). For cultures all over the world for centuries, this has signaled that the long, slow decrease in light will not continue, and light will return to the land. To use a term that’s been used a lot in the last few years, this was the original “It Gets Better” signal to the world.

We’ve all experienced times when things seem great, followed by times when all seems doom and gloom. I think we all intellectually understand the phrase from many traditions that “This too shall pass” whether good or bad, but that’s hard to emotionally get while we’re in the middle of something. Elation or depression can both keep us from clear thinking. I see this all the time when clients are just so happy to have a job they don’t realize that it’s not the right one for them and they dive into depression a few months later when the reality of their choice hits them.

At this time when all can seem merry and celebratory to some, and incredibly depressing to others, know that soon we will have the ordinariness of January. Take heart in enjoying what is here now, or knowing that enjoyment will come later. We are at an extraordinary time in our planet’s rotation, and that will generate extraordinary thoughts. Be kind and know they are there and that things will change.

So, what are you realizing right now?

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