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Half Way to Spring! How are those Resolutions Coming?

Welcome to February! The year is 1/12th over. In this time we have gotten halfway from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox. The amount of light is growing and, at least in Boston, sunset is finally after 5 p.m. Whether you celebrate this as Candlemass, Imbolc, or Groundhog Day, this has traditionally been the time that cabin fever sets in and we just want to be in the warm weather. People in earlier times work get crafty and prepare for the coming season by fixing up things and doing crafts or creative works of art. (Remind you of all the gardening catalogs coming in the mail now?)

What are you creating?

Also this is usually the time that the initial push of a New Year’s Resolution has waned and it’s out of your mind. As it helps to keep things in sight in order to succeed, here are some of he best writtings on resolution keeping that I found on the web this year.

So, what are you fixing up or creating now? Please share you thoughts in the comments!

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