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Lessons Learned from Hitting the Century Mark

This post marks my 100th blog post. I started in December 2009, and wanted to get myself into the practice of writing (I’ve joked that I’m writing my book a blog post at a time). I’ve written about a lot of things, but the themes, as best as I’ve been able to keep to them, is the listening to one’s own authentic self and then seeing how that can be manifested in the world. As my professional area is career development, I’ve also shared my philosophies about how one can best identify what is mist precious and to state your best case about doing that for others. I’ve gotten a few comments here, and many more in person or other venues, that people have appreciated what I’ve had to say and it’s helped them in their professional journey.

After having written so much, I’ve learned some things about myself and the process, and how people have reacted to my words.  Some of my learnings are:

  • You’d be surprised at what gets the most comments.  Topics that I thought were the most benign can sometimes get the most heated debate.
  • There’s always something to write about.  Even if it’s what you had for lunch, if it makes you think about something bigger in life, it can be a blog post.
  • You’d be surprised who is most interested in your writing.  Someone random will tell me that they follow my blog every post and have gotten a lot out of it, and I didn’t think they even knew about it!
  • Writing a blog is fine, but you have to get people to read it.  There’s a lot of things to read, and the struggle is getting eyes on your words.
  • Forcing yourself to write is a good practice, like doing many other things that you know are good for you but take effort.
  • Writing about events in your life can be cathartic, in that it forces you to think through things and present them in a way that shows your reflected on things and how you want to be seen.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Keep doing things and you’ll get better at them.

So, what have you learned from doing something 100 times?

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