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Meditate Mass 351 Challenge has moved!

Ken in Haverhill, 23 September 2012
Ken in Haverhill, 23 September 2012

You can now find the Meditate Mass 351 Challenge at

I completed it in May 2018, and I’m still working on documenting all of my visits!

The Meditate Mass 351 Challenge was my spiritual practice to visit each of the 351 Massachusetts cities and towns. I had two criteria to count as one of the 351:

  1. I had to actually be in the town and either meditate/pray/sit quietly for at least 10 minutes (I also found that walking meditation works well too!) This makes it so I can’t count places that I just drove through on the Massachusetts Turnpike (Yup, just picked up Blandford!)
  2. I had to take a picture of me in front of a landmark or building that would only be in that town (e.g. post office, town hall, police station, etc.) It didn’t have to be a government building, but at least one where there was no mistaking where it was. For example, I could have chosen Durgin Park or Fanueil Hall in Boston. It also meant I couldn’t just step over the border 3 feet and sit for 10 minutes. I had to find where the life of the town is.


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