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Resonare Career Boot Camp, July 16 to August 20, 2020

After the success of the Virtual Job Search Support Group and the Ask the Career Advisor session this past Spring, it became clear to me that many people have many of the parts they need to execute their job search, yet there are often gaps in their knowledge of either their goals, the market, or their communication capabilities. To help this needs, I have designed a six-week career boot camp to cover all these areas holistically, so participants can understand and fix those areas that might be holding them up.


The six-weeks will cover the following topics:

  • Week 1, July 16–Clarifying Your Needs: Most people have a problem communicating what they really want. This session will get participants to look closely at what is really important to them and identify the criteria they really use when looking for a position.
  • Week 2, July 23–Where Do I Want To Go?: One of the most important aspects of a job search is to identify the place where you’d actually want to be. Too often, job searchers are “open to anyplace” which only prolongs the job search process. Here, will will work with the information from Week 1 to identify organizational targets.
  • Week 3, July 30–Story Development: While you might know your background, you have to relay that experience to someone else who doesn’t know the context where you were. This session will go over the basic structure of developing stories in a job search context.
  • Week 4, August 6–Personal Brand: You need to know what impression you want others to think of you. If you don’t, they will make their own decisions and it may not be what you want! We’ll work on how to fashion your stories on your printed documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, social media) to manage your reputation.
  • Week 5, August 13–Getting Out There/Spreading Your Stories: Once you have your stories, you need to get others to experience them. We will talk about how to interact with your target audience (your Secret Club) and individuals in ways that get them to understand your value.
  • Week 6, August 20–Putting It All Together: You need to manage your job search in an integrated way. We will discuss how to keep track of contacts, learning from your mistakes, and go over any questions that have arisen.


  1. Cost is $80 for all six sessions, payable via PayPal (see button on this page) or Venmo. Make sure to send me a message after you registration to let me know information about you. I will be sending out a survey to all registered participants a few days before the first meeting.
  2. Sessions will be from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight Time via Zoom, so available to anyone around the world!
  3. Limited to 25 participants, and will include group participation and recordings of sessions.

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