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Hiring Managers Need to Know if You Are Crazy

I see a lot if people who send out volumes of resumes to posted jobs, and are frustrated that no one responds. “If they only realized how great I am!” I can hear them cry out in their souls. “Why don’t they give me a chance? I could be great!”

I’m here to explain the two main reasons why this doesn’t happen:

  • You are among hundreds of people who the hiring manager doesn’t know who haven’t explained clearly how you can help out relieve the hiring manager’s problems, and…
  • The hiring manager has no idea if you are a crazy maker, diva, problem child, etc. that will make the work environment a living hell for the duration if you’re hired.

This is not to say that you are any of the above, but the hiring manager wants to avoid that at all costs. (Think about the co-worker you have that drives you crazy and you wish would quit. Now imagine having to manage that person. You’re life would suck on so many levels.) If you’ve given me reason to know that you’re a capable and talented potential employee, then I’m more likely to take a chance on you.

How can you do that? Well, look at your own experience. When you have to make a decision on something that you are unsure of, what do you do?

Check your trusted references.

For you, that might be friends, certain magazines or websites that have good advice, etc. You need to find out where the hiring manager looks for references, and make sure you’re seen as competent there first before the hiring manager asks about you.

How to do that? Identify your targets first, do your research, and get out and talk to people. Much more effective than sitting in your pajamas and sending out dozens of resumes daily.

So, how are you getting known by the people who need to know you?

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    • Ken Mattsson

      Thanks Eric! I assume that most people can identify with that. I’ve especially found that people who have hired/managed others don’t think of this point when they themselves are looking for a job. We all have selected amnesia!

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